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Although El Toro was a pretty heavy favorite going into its second round shootout with Lightning Racer, I have to admit I am extremely surprised by the thumping that El Toro handed it, recieving well over 90% of the vote. In its two combined matches, El Toro has won 72-4, absolutely destryoing its competition. We will see if the winner of this week's matchup (Between Goliath and Millennium Force) will prove to be a challenge for the bull...

Despite advancing to the second round, both Millennium Force and Goliath have a difficult task ahead. The surviving ride will have to face one of the world's greatest wooden coasters next week, and possibly one of the greatest steel coasters in the championship. Both rides this week are truly awesome, but I have to belive Millennium Force is the favorite. Either way, check out each rides' page so you can decide for yourself. Also, be sure to check out the updated bracket below.