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Age Requirements

Our age requirements are as follows...

  • Campers must be 17 or under to attend our tours.  There may be some exceptions, please reach out to us if you have any questions.  Not being 18 prior to May 1st means that if you turn 18 on May 15th you are permitted to attend.  

Age requirements by tour:

** For the midwest express tour we recommend campers to attend starting at age 13, and for the GTTP tour and the midatlantic tour 12 years of age is suggested, as long as the camper is comfortable with being away from home, please contact the Tour Director for more details.

* Note, depending on the situation of your child we may be able to make some adjustments.

* Each year we may offer an option for returning campers to continue with us after the age of 18.  Please contact Tour Director for more specifics if this is available for the current year.