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Not from the Tri-State

NOT from the tri state (NY, CT, NJ) area, but still want to experience ThrillCoaster Tours?

We have had campers from: Texas, Washington State, California, Ohio, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, Mass and Florida... add your state to our list!!!

Here is your answer...

  • We can get 'surrogate' homes for you to stay in for a night prior to the tour
  • Your camper can stay in a hotel the night before the tour with other campers. 
  • Most trips, our director stays at a central point hotel, so they will have supervision and will be with other campers for one night prior to the tour. 
  • This provides you with a safe place to stay, and some more time with your friends. There will be a small fee for this service (for food, entertainment, etc.).
  • Contact us if you would like more information (888) 542-4842

Would you like to be a 'surrogate' family?
If you would like to assist us with housing any 'non area' campers, let us know! 

Fees for the Out of State Camper...

Out of Area campers are responsible for the following additional fees...

  • Airline fees
  • Hotel fees if needed
  • Car services to and from the airport/ hotel / surrogate families homes
  • Fees for meals/entertainment while at a surrogate home. 
  • If a representative has to enter the airport to pickup child an additional fee will be charged (some airlines require that an adult meets child at the gate, please confirm when purchasing your ticket, as it might not be possible)


We will work closely with you so you can make the best arrangements possible.