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Packing List

What should you pack each week for camp?

Remember we are traveling by bus and there are many other travelers with you, so pack wisely, and don't over pack!

Do not bring anything valuable, you are responsible for your items. Most importantly make sure you can carry your bag by yourself. Put your name in any item that you bring along, just in case.


Cool Pack

belt packWe have found a cool 'PACK' to hold your cell phone, it is used by runners, and will sit under your tshirt, so it isn't viewable, and it is safe (although not waterproof).  They come in lots of sizes, some with 1 pocket, others with 2 pockes, here is a sample:




Please use a ROLLER DUFFEL BAG, that is a maximum of: 36 x 15 x 14 inches (6300 cubic inches). If you use a ROLLER LUGGAGE, please use a MAX of 26 inches.

Most importantly the traveler MUST be able to carry this bag on their own.

Clothes to pack

We are requiring all campers to wear THRILLCOASTER TOURS Gear every day while on the tour. Of course for an evening party, you can dress to your heart's content!

We will provide every camper with one ThrillCoaster Tour T-shirt, we will also provide at a nominal fee additional ThrillCoaster Tour t-shirts. If you would like 'fancier' gear, check out our online store at: ThrillCoaster Online Store

Bring clothes for 1 week of travel. Check out the weather before, but usually you will be wearing shorts/short sleeve shirts every day. The evenings at the parks are always cool, so you will need a jacket/sweatshirt. Each week we will have access to a pool and/or a water park, so you will need to pack a couple of swimsuits.


  • SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS: AT LEAST 1 SHIRT PER DAY (We recommend bring 1-2 extra shirts) (THRILLCOASTER SHIRTS!!!)
  • LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS: 2 shirts
  • SHORTS: 4-5 pairs
  • PANTS: 2 pairs
  • PJs
  • SHOES:
    • 1 pair Sandals/Tea's (Beach/Shower)
    • 1 pair of sneakers
  • JACKETS: 1 light weight jacket
  • TOWEL (For beach / pool).
Backpack for the bus
The backpack must fit UNDER your bus seat, it must NOT be larger than: 19x14x6.5 This is to use for your daily trips, and for the rides on the bus.
  • Toiletries (Soap, toothbrush, shampoo, brush, etc.)
  • Water Bottle
  • Rain Jacket
  • HAT
  • Blanket for Bus rides
  • Sunscreen & Sun Glasses
  • Book (Maybe you will have time to read)
  • Notebook/Journal
  • Small Pillow