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In Memoriam

Jacob Ellis

jacob thumbs upWe are very sad to announce that one of our campers,  Jacob Ellis has passed away.  He has attended ThrillCoaster Tours since 2020 and this would have been his 5th summer with us.  He will be missed.  Jacob loved his coasters and loved going through the parks along with his TCT Family.

Jacob Ellis - Obituary / Service Details

If you would like to donate in Jacob's memory please click this link below:

Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley


Jason Zimmerman

Jason Z. passed away on July 31, 2018. He is forever 23.

Jason had a great sense of humor, a big heart and was loved by his family and friends. He was kind and loyal. Jason enjoyed hanging out with his friends, cooking, eating, playing video games, seeing movies and going to the beach.

Above all, he loved roller coasters. Jason attended ThrillCoaster Tours for 3 summers and had the best summers ever. Jason attended 6 trips with ThrillCoaster Tours: California Coasters, Get to the Point Tour, Gateway to the West, Beachgoers Tour, North of the Border Tour and our famous Texafornia Tour.

He continued riding coasters throughout the rest of his life which was cut short when he got trapped in the cycle of addition.
Jason is loved and missed every day.

We were broken hearted to hear of the loss of Jason.  We want to let our campers and families know that you are never alone, and there is always a place to go to for help.  We found an amazing recovery foundation where the focus is on recovery.  Addiction is something that can never be 'cured' but can be arrested.  Not only the individual, but families and friends can help in recovery through therapy, education and support.  But, without proper knowledge, it is impossible to support your loved one as they need it.

Please donate what you can.  More importantly TALK TO YOUR KIDS TODAY, this is something that affects everyone, it is NOT SOMEONE ELSE's CHILD, but could be your very own.  Let's make a difference together.

jason z