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Our Purpose

Our mission is to provide teenagers with the most exciting summer filled with memories that will last a lifetime. This is more than just a Teen Tour, we like to call it a Teen Vacation! Think about it, we really provide to your teens the vacation of a lifetime, with non-stop action!

Advantages of ThrillCoaster Tours for PARENTS

Most importantly we take your children through the amusment parks, with supervision at all times. All of our staff enjoy the rollercoasters as much as the campers, which makes it easier for everyone to want to stay together. The only argument is which coaster to you hit first???

We drug test and perform a criminal background check on all of our staff members, and everyone is CPR / First aid certified. We enforce a zero tolerance policy relating to smoking, drinking, breaking of curfew or unruly conduct, for all of the campers and our staff. Our overall staff to camper ratio is 1 counselor for 8 campers. Our camp is fully insured. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Advantages of ThrillCoaster Tours for TEENS

For our traveling teens, we can promise a focus on fun, and constant exciting challenges! We test your courage as you travel over 400 ft in the air and drop down 250ft at a 95 degree angle at 120 miles per hour! We survey the campers and the counselors each week to pair them up with the most appropriate group. The groups change frequently, depending on the campers needs.

For example, in an amusement park we will pair up the campers that love the intense thrill rides with counselors that like the same, so there will be no reason for a counselor / camper to be separated.

 Of course, some may prefer sunning at the beach, or seeing great cities, or 'strolling' through an amusement park and catching the great shows and partaking in the various attractions.

 We do more than just 'Scenic Tours' or 'boring' museums, we bring you the summer of your life!

Some of our campers have called this the perfect vacation for Teen-agers!

What sets us apart from the other traveling camps

 Our camp is geared for the type of person that loves roller coasters as we will visit 12 amusement parks (over 100 roller coasters), and spend more than 15 days at these parks. We visit multiple water parks during the tour, see a baseball game or two, go white water rafting and jet boating in category 5 rapids.

 This tour will keep you moving, so much so that we had to give a couple of weekends off to re energize.

What is unique about our Itinerary?

Every single attraction, meal and hotel is determined ahead of time with many considerations in mind. Our hotels are primarily Marriott and Hilton hotels. Each hotel is chosen based on proximity to our attractions, size of rooms, and facilities. 

We have chosen restaurants, not fast food places for most all of our meals Click here for a listing of Restaurants.

Each day is mapped out carefully and with your teen in mind.