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Day 7 - 8/10/08

Six Flags Great America

Today we went to one of the best Six Flags parks - Six Flags Great America. It was very well run and nicely themed.

We woke up feeling well resated in the new time zone (well, those of us who got some sleep.... no names mentioned here!) and drove to the park. There were SO MANY different coasters, such as:

-Raging Bull - a big steel coaster, similar to Nitro (but not as good)

-Viper - a very fun wooden coaster

-American Eagle (no, not the store) - a racing wooden coaster

-Whizzer - a coaster with a spiral lift

-Ragin' Cajun - a spinning wild mouse with an alligator

-Batman, Superman, and The Dark Knight (yay, superheroes!)

-Spacely's Sprocket Rockets - a kiddie ride that is a LOT of fun to scream on!

-Iron Wolf - a stand up coaster

All these rides, plus MANY more, were ridden.

Now let's talk about everyone's favorite thing (besides coasters and frisbee of course)... FOOD! For lunch, my group ate at an Italian restaurant in the park that gave SO much pasta. Seriously, I have never seen so much pasta on a single plate before! It was so good too. For dinner, we left the park to eat at Joe's Crab Shack, where no one ate crab, but it was still delicious.

Tomorrow is the last day with no park, but we are going to a sick laser tag place! Score!