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We provide 3 meals a day plus plenty of beverages.  Meals will be provided at restaurants in a variety of establishments.  At the amusement parks, everyone will be given vouchers to purchase food and drinks.  We do everything we can to avoid fast food establishments.

When we spend an entire day at an amusement park, we have lunch at the park, then leave the park for dinner, then get back to the park for the evening. We have found that this breaks up the day, gives us more energy, but most importantly, we get to ride the coasters until they close them on us. 

  • We will provide a continental breakfast every morning, which will make breakfast a snap for all travelers, you can eat in the hotel or bring a bagel on to the bus with you.
  • Vouchers at amusement parks
  • Dinner and Games at ESPNZone
  • Dave and Buster's Dinner / Party

This is just a sample of some restaurants we plan to go to during the tour. Please call us if you have any questions! 1 888 542 4842