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The Bull Rages On

Although El Toro was a pretty heavy favorite going into its second round shootout with Lightning Racer, I have to admit I am extremely surprised by the thumping that El Toro handed it, recieving well over 90% of the vote. In its two combined matches, El Toro has won 72-4, absolutely destryoing its competition. We will see if the winner of this week's matchup (Between Goliath and Millennium Force) will prove to be a challenge for the bull...

TOURnament Heating Up

 Although the 2009 ThrillCoaster Tours tours are over, the ThrillCoaster TOURnament is not. In fact, the excitement is just beginning. A classic battle was waged this week, with two of the world's greatest steel coasters facing off. In the end, X2 overcame Bizarro by just ONE vote, and will move on to face Alpengeist for a trip to the finals. This week will showcase two more great coasters of a different material, wood...

Winding Down

 The second half of Midstates is winding down, sadly, concluding the end of a remarkable ThrillCoaster summer. After having a blast at the Dixie Stampede and Dollywood, we bussed up to King's Island in Cincinatti to take on the park's incredible selection of 13 coasters. After tackling the park, including Diamondback, a fantastic new coaster, we headed to Dave and Buster's for a fun-filed night of games...