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Although El Toro was a pretty heavy favorite going into its second round shootout with Lightning Racer, I have to admit I am extremely surprised by the thumping that El Toro handed it, recieving well over 90% of the vote. In its two combined matches, El Toro has won 72-4, absolutely destryoing its competition. We will see if the winner of this week's matchup (Between Goliath and Millennium Force) will prove to be a challenge for the bull...

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 Although the 2009 ThrillCoaster Tours tours are over, the ThrillCoaster TOURnament is not. In fact, the excitement is just beginning. A classic battle was waged this week, with two of the world's greatest steel coasters facing off. In the end, X2 overcame Bizarro by just ONE vote, and will move on to face Alpengeist for a trip to the finals. This week will showcase two more great coasters of a different material, wood...

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 The second half of Midstates is winding down, sadly, concluding the end of a remarkable ThrillCoaster summer. After having a blast at the Dixie Stampede and Dollywood, we bussed up to King's Island in Cincinatti to take on the park's incredible selection of 13 coasters. After tackling the park, including Diamondback, a fantastic new coaster, we headed to Dave and Buster's for a fun-filed night of games...

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 Thanks to a little magic called internet tethering, I am pleased to be able to bring everyone an update live on our drive to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The tour started off great with a stop in Baltimore's Inner Harbor before the long drive down to Charlotte, Sunday night. To make it even better, we were treated to a great day at an empty Carowinds all day yesterday. Easily completing all of the park's 13 coasters and flat rides, many campers racked up double digit re-rides just before park closing....

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 Welcome home everyone. For a day, that is. After a nonstop, incredibly exciting week that featured visits to Cedar Point, Hersheypark, and Hershey's Chocolate World, campers should use today to catch up on sleep as everyone prepares to depart tomorrow for the Midstates tour. Even though Get To The Point only lasted a week, the energy and excitement spent during the two days at Cedar Point could easily provide everyone two weeks of sound sleeping...

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 After a few fun-filled hours at Knoebels, the whole gang prepared for the drive out to the main event of the tour, Cedar Point. After dearly needed night sleep at Breakers, we were finally prepared for  "The roller coaster capital of the world", Cedar Point. This morning was one of the first times in my life I have anxiously greeted a wake up call, as the excitement began to build. We all knew what a great day was awaitng when we saw the park's breathtaking skyline peeking up over the causeway trees...

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Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, it was really hard to find time to blog on our action packed tour! (: Not to worry though, the blog has returned from its brief hiatus, and updates will be flowing as usual from now on. Our California excursion wrapped up about a week ago, after enjoying sightseeing in San Fran and Vegas, an amazing Blue Man Group concert, and so much more. The trip was fantastic and we are all looking forward to Get To The Point, starting tomorrow. 

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Yesterday was a very exciting day for the camp, as we took off from Newark, and touched down smoothly in Los Angeles, setting the fun in motion. The plane trip was quick and uneveentful, thankfully, and we arrived in Los Angeles right on time. When we arrived, we had many surprises in store for us. After touring Hollywood for a short time, we had a delicious lunch at a crepe restaurant, which was fantastic for the few of us brave enough to order crepes. Our big surprise was still yet to come.

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 ThrillCoaster Tours is prepping for its fifth summer of fun! Tomorrow evening, all the campers and couselors will meet up and prepare to head out to California, for two incredible weeks of nonstop thrills. I had the time of my life on this tour two years ago, and this year's tour promises to be every bit as amazing. This year, the tour will be more interactive than ever. In addition to the daily photos, you will now be able to follow us live on Twitter, (@thrillcoast) in additon to daily front-page blog entries. We are all very excited to be able to bring the TCT experience to everyone, even if you aren't on the tour...

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Thanks to my trip, and following Manta update, there hasn't been a TOURnament update in the past two weeks, but the show has gone on. In last week's matchup, Millennium Force, a world famous giga coaster surprisingly destroyed Montu, winning with over 80% of votes. This week featured the closest matchup we have seen so far, with Alpengeist edging Nitro by only one vote. Alpengeist's advance sets up a fantastic matchup, where it will face off with Top Thrill Dragster. Now we turn to the most compelling first round matchup, X2 versus Maverick...

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I'm back from my journey into the hot and sticky heart of central Florida, Orlando. How was it, you ask? Let me tell you, I "rode the flying ray", and it did not disappoint. Manta is an absolutely gorgeous coaster, featuring the nicest landscaping and queue line design I have ever seen...hands down. From the close calls flying by rocks, the timed water jets that create an absolutely stunning effect, the tiled queue line, hidden almost entirely inside, and the many aquariums that surround almost your entire journey to the station, Manta is all about the details that add to the experience...

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the Campers Blog! There was a ton of stuff going on in the coaster world this week, with Six Flags opening three new coasters, including Bizarro @ Six Flags Great Adventure. This coaster is an update of the fantastic Medusa coaster, adding several audio visual effects including flame throwers and an on-ride soundtrack...

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This is an exciting day for ThrillCoaster Tours...

Welcome to the brand-new ThrillCoaster Tours Camper's Blog! It's here where you will experience everything in the exciting world of ThrillCoaster Tours. We will be featuring news, updates, stories, pictures and maybe even a few videos from amusement parks all across the country. This blog will be a great way to experience ThrillCoaster Tours year round, even if you've never attended a tour.

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Day 6 - 8/9/08

Surprise Day!

We woke up this morning well-rested and ready to go to the surprise park, Michigan's Adventure. When the park gates opened, we ran to the first ride, a big wooden coaster called Shivering Timbers. We were surprised that we were the only ones running to the ride. I guess they live a very chill life in Michigan! After that, we went on another wooden ride called Wildcat Wolverine, which we thought was a weird name because those are TWO DIFFERENT CREATURES! Then we went on a steel coaster called Corkscrew, which had a very smooth ride. Then we walked to Thunderhawk, which was also very smooth. We then ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet! Yay, unlimited Mountain Dew! Then we did a few more coastery things, and then napped on a grassy patch until it was time to leave. We drove (and had a dance party on the bus) to Chicago, and had time to hang out in our hotel- by swimming at the pool, sleeping in rooms, playing frisbee outside, working out (YEAH RIGHT) in the gym, or doing laundy in the laundry room.




Day 7 - 8/10/08

Six Flags Great America

Today we went to one of the best Six Flags parks - Six Flags Great America. It was very well run and nicely themed.

We woke up feeling well resated in the new time zone (well, those of us who got some sleep.... no names mentioned here!) and drove to the park. There were SO MANY different coasters, such as:

-Raging Bull - a big steel coaster, similar to Nitro (but not as good)

-Viper - a very fun wooden coaster

-American Eagle (no, not the store) - a racing wooden coaster

-Whizzer - a coaster with a spiral lift

-Ragin' Cajun - a spinning wild mouse with an alligator

-Batman, Superman, and The Dark Knight (yay, superheroes!)

-Spacely's Sprocket Rockets - a kiddie ride that is a LOT of fun to scream on!

-Iron Wolf - a stand up coaster

All these rides, plus MANY more, were ridden.

Now let's talk about everyone's favorite thing (besides coasters and frisbee of course)... FOOD! For lunch, my group ate at an Italian restaurant in the park that gave SO much pasta. Seriously, I have never seen so much pasta on a single plate before! It was so good too. For dinner, we left the park to eat at Joe's Crab Shack, where no one ate crab, but it was still delicious.

Tomorrow is the last day with no park, but we are going to a sick laser tag place! Score!


Hey everyone I will be reporting on behalf of the entire tour for the next 12 days, writing to you readers at home to tell you about the daily escapades of TCT. Today was a great, first day. After picking up everyone at all the bus stops, we embarked on our journey to the North. We drove upstate and stopped at a mall food court, where people either ate “traditional” Mexican food at Taco Bell™ or “yummay yummay” Japanese teriyaki chicken. We continued driving and finally reached our destination of Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, New York. The highlights of the day include:
  • Riding a smooth Boomerang Coaster (a rare find! They’re never smooth!)
  • Pretending to be a bird on the Condor ride
  • Riding on a 14 minute sky ride twice, where we made a few friends
  • Riding the AMAZING wooden coaster, Comet
  • Going into the FAKE jail (what sort of shenanigans did us TCTers get into this time???)
  • Walking and wondering through Alice in Wonderland’s Wonderland (now that’s a mouthful!)
  • And of course, a TCT must – we rode a ferris wheel!
After a fun filled day at the park, we went to dinner at Pizzeria Uno, where dishes such as Rattlesnake Pasta, Buffalo Wings, and Chicken Parm were tasted.
Then we left the restaurant to hop the northern American border, legally of course.
Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!!

A new ThrillCoaster Tours record was set as 36 campers from all over the country, including: California, Nevada and Ohio go to the Point.


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