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Our Founder

Ira Gordon, President/Founder
Ira has been running every part of ThrillCoaster Tours since 2004...from the vision and to going on every tour with the campers...Ira sometimes is 'ThrillCoaster Tours'...

ira-gordonIra attended day camp as a camper for 5 years and he then traveled with a teen tour for 3 years and he the became a counselor for 4 years until he left for college. After graduating college, he and three other friends organized a trip around the east coast on Roller Coasters. They visited 6 amusement parks and drove over 2,000 miles in 2 weeks for one purpose, Roller Coasters. He became a member of ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts), which is the world’s largest club of amusement ride enthusiasts. Through the years he has made many action packed multi-day trips to amusement parks all over the United States, including the very ones that are on this teen tour.

After being a controller/CFO for many years, he decided to create a teen tour with a primary focus on what he (and teens) enjoyed to do most, and that was go to amusement parks.


SO, THE CREATION OF ThrillCoaster Tours , LLC.

He is married with two campers ages 13 and 15,  and a wife who he has known since they met at camp as teenagers.