We will provide air conditioned first class motor coaches/vans. The buses will be equipped with TV's and Movies to keep the time moving quickly.

Because we know how everyone likes to 'munch' on the bus, which could make a 'mess' of everything, we make sure that the bus is cleaned out during the week.

Pickups and Dropoffs
Our pickups and dropoffs will be in Central Jersey, North Jersey, Westchester and Long Island, for the specific spots, give us a call, 888 542 4842. Most of our travelers will not have to travel more than 30 minutes to their designated pickup/dropoff spot. If you have specific travel arrangements, please call us, as we can usually work things out for a  nominal fee.

Monday morning pickups will be between 6am and 8am. Friday evenings we will give the campers dinner before heading home, so they won't be starving when they get home. They will arrive home at the dropoffs between 7pm and 10pm. We will contact the parents Friday afternoons to give them the EXACT time we will be arriving home.

If you are not from the tristate area...please click here for details...

We will be using either Large Bus line or a Luxury Conversion van...depending on the enrollment for each trip.  We are fully insured, and our travelers will always travel in style!

2021 Tours

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