ThrillCoaster Tours ran a great trip for 2020 even with covid.  Learn more about what we did to protect our campers!  Click here...


What TCT is doing to keep your kids safe...

  • Every camper and counselor must take a covid test within one week of the start of camp. After taking the test they will be quarantined until the start of the camp.
  • They will have a 10 question questionnaire that they must answer prior to boarding the bus.
  • We will take each campers temperature prior to boarding the bus
  • A bottle of sanitizer will be on the bus for the campers to use as they are boarding the bus.
  • Each camper will be in the same seat on the bus throughout the tourMasks will be provided and required most of the time, except when conditions do not mandate wearing them
  • Hand sanitizer bottles will be given to each camper
  • Sanitizing wipes will be distributed when boarding the bus to clean the seat that they will be occupying
  • When entering the hotel, each room will clean the door handles, remote control, telephone and surfaces in the room
  • We will have groups of 4 or 5 per counselor to keep the group small
  • We are running our buses at 1/2 capacity, so each child will have their own 'row'... yes, this means that for one of our trips, we will have 2 buses!

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