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We have made it to the top 20 list for top Summer camps in the US!...We are ranked #6...check out the great article below...

Best sleep away camps

#6: Thrill coaster tours

The latest craze in teen tours! Imagine the thrill for kids ages 12 to 16 as they twist, turn and plunge down the steep hills of some of America’s most awesome “scream machines!” Headquartered in Woodbridge, N.J., ThrillCoaster Tours, kids on one or two week tours are taken on roller coasters in various parts of the country. They offer three types of tours traveling across the country.

Things we love: This is the only camp of its kind that takes kids all over the country with the opportunity to ride roller coasters.  Each day brings about a different park, a new type of ride, and an experience of a lifetime.  What child doesn't like riding roller coasters?  Other activities include jet boating, laser tag, rock climbing, and other activities.

Parent perks: At the amusement parks, every child is supervised by a counselor who is over the age of 21, and they travel in groups of 6 campers for each counselor.  Each counselor has a cell phone so that in case of an emergency everyone in the camp is reachable.  The camp travels in luxury passenger buses equipped with a DVD player and a bathroom, and the bus company is bonded and insured.  Campers stay at Marriott hotels and all hotels chosen have indoor corridors with no balconies, and each door is taped for the campers’ protection.  Each night the owner of the camp goes into each room, ensures that everyone is situated in the room, and then puts the tape on the door.  This tape remains on the door until the morning when a counselor removes the tape. The company uploads all of its pictures to Bunk1, which is a photo company that allows parents to look at all of the wonderful pictures taken every day.  The pictures are uploaded at the end of the day so that while having breakfast, family members can see just how much fun their child is having on the tour.