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Golden Ticket Awards

Each year the Amusement park industry awards "Golden Ticket Awards" to the top rides, foods and other attractions around the world.  To find out who won paste this link  To sum it up Millenium force won top steel coaster (of course) and Boulderdash won top wooden coaster, and Fury 325 won top coaster for 2015.


2015-09 News...

2015 Summer Summary
The 2015 summer welcomed 16 brand new campers including one person that traveled all the way from Japan, and in total we had campers attend our tour from 10 different states.

New roller coasters for 2016

The summer isn't over yet and they are already announcing new roller coasters for next year.

Southern Studios New Coasters:

  • Cobra Curse (Busch Gardens)
  • Mako (Sea World)
  • The revamped Hulk (Universal Studios)

Canadian Point Tour New Coasters:

  • Phobia Phear Coaster (Lake Compounce)
  • Fireball (Six Flags New England)
  • Valravn (Cedar Point)

Reunion information
No better way to see the people from the summer than to see them at our annual fall reunion. We will be having our fall reunion in October so keep checking our website for additional information.

Did you see us on TV?

We were on 'The List', as a top rated camp!  See the video here,

Here is an excerpt of when we filled up Griffin at Bush Gardens, Williamsburg...