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TOURnament Update

Thanks to my trip, and following Manta update, there hasn't been a TOURnament update in the past two weeks, but the show has gone on. In last week's matchup, Millennium Force, a world famous giga coaster surprisingly destroyed Montu, winning with over 80% of votes. This week featured the closest matchup we have seen so far, with Alpengeist edging Nitro by only one vote. Alpengeist's advance sets up a fantastic matchup, where it will face off with Top Thrill Dragster. Now we turn to the most compelling first round matchup, X2 versus Maverick...

Riding The Flying Ray

I'm back from my journey into the hot and sticky heart of central Florida, Orlando. How was it, you ask? Let me tell you, I "rode the flying ray", and it did not disappoint. Manta is an absolutely gorgeous coaster, featuring the nicest landscaping and queue line design I have ever seen...hands down. From the close calls flying by rocks, the timed water jets that create an absolutely stunning effect, the tiled queue line, hidden almost entirely inside, and the many aquariums that surround almost your entire journey to the station, Manta is all about the details that add to the experience...

A Fantastic Week(end)!

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Campers Blog! There was a ton of stuff going on in the coaster world this week, with Six Flags opening three new coasters, including Bizarro @ Six Flags Great Adventure. This coaster is an update of the fantastic Medusa coaster, adding several audio visual effects including flame throwers and an on-ride soundtrack...