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August 2008


Hey everyone I will be reporting on behalf of the entire tour for the next 12 days, writing to you readers at home to tell you about the daily escapades of TCT. Today was a great, first day. After picking up everyone at all the bus stops, we embarked on our journey to the North. We drove upstate and stopped at a mall food court, where people either ate “traditional” Mexican food at Taco Bell™ or “yummay yummay” Japanese teriyaki chicken. We continued driving and finally reached our destination of Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, New York. The highlights of the day include:
  • Riding a smooth Boomerang Coaster (a rare find! They’re never smooth!)
  • Pretending to be a bird on the Condor ride
  • Riding on a 14 minute sky ride twice, where we made a few friends
  • Riding the AMAZING wooden coaster, Comet
  • Going into the FAKE jail (what sort of shenanigans did us TCTers get into this time???)
  • Walking and wondering through Alice in Wonderland’s Wonderland (now that’s a mouthful!)
  • And of course, a TCT must – we rode a ferris wheel!
After a fun filled day at the park, we went to dinner at Pizzeria Uno, where dishes such as Rattlesnake Pasta, Buffalo Wings, and Chicken Parm were tasted.
Then we left the restaurant to hop the northern American border, legally of course.
Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!!

July 2007

A new ThrillCoaster Tours record was set as 36 campers from all over the country, including: California, Nevada and Ohio go to the Point.