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TCT Ran Through Covid

Unlike the rest of 2020, my experience with Thrill Coaster Tours this year was phenomenal. I was not expecting to ride a single roller coaster during a time like this. Surprisingly though, Thrill Coaster Tours made it possible. I owe it all to them! My friends back in Connecticut thought I was lying after I told them that this summer was a fun time for me. While they were moping about “murder hornets” in America, coronavirus/COVID-19, “World War 3,” Australian wildfires, hurricanes, and global warming… I was living a thrilling life, far from things political. I appreciate that this was able to happen during such unsettling times. Running a huge thing like TCT is extremely challenging, but it was done! I look forward to seeing what is in store for the future, and I would like to thank everyone who’s made Thrill Coaster Tours possible!

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