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What they are saying

This is the most well thought out and planned summer camp for kids that I have ever found. Ira talked with us in depth over the phone about all the details. He found the airlines and the flights for Carson to take...and found us great deals too. This was very important for us since Carson is traveling from Texas. ThrillCoaster Tours has everything covered. More importantly, I know my son will be under constant adult supervision. They are traveling on a beautiful bus, staying in great hotels, eating three good meals a day and having loads of fun with other kids who love coasters too! As parents of children in today's world, we are always concerned for the safety of our children. We chose Thrillcoasters for all of the aforementioned but we booked his summer camp with ThrillCoaster Tours because we knew he would be safe. Tom and Lisa Austin, Texas

Photo Gallery

 To visit our shutterfly site go to:

We have teamed up with ShutterFly to supply our campers and our campers family with photos during the entire summer. Each evening we upload photos to Shutterfly, and our families can log on to view photos of their children. Our parents loved this feature, as they could see their children's smiling faces each day.  We request that you only post photos on 'social sites' with the permission of all children in those photos.  Please do not 'tag' anyone in any of your pictures, unless you have each person's approval.  We can not be responsible for use of these pictures, but we only allow approved users to visit this site.

Remember we provide a flashdrive with videos and photos at the end of the trip.

Your email address must be registered in order to view these photos, if your address is not currently registered, please contact us (888) 542 4842, and we will set it up for you. Please note only Campers, Approved Family Members & Alumni are able to view these photos.

Check out some of our photos from past years...can you find any campers you remember?