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What they are saying

"Dear Ira, ThrillCoasters is a type of camp that I would have dreamed of going to as a child. My son was ecstatic when I discovered it existed. To top it off was having my entire family meet Ira and his lovely wife. By the end of almost three hours, we felt like we knew them all our lives and what was more important, my husband and I have no problem in leaving our child in their care. For us, this is monumental because we are very cautious who we give our children to even on a temporary basis. I am sure this will be the first of many wonderful years for you and my family to come and I know people will be clamoring at your doorstep to be included as participants in the future years of ThrillCoaster Tours and the main improvements on an almost perfect concept that I am sure will happen. However, I am unsure of at this point how one can improve upon apparent perfection in attention to every exquisite detail and planning required for this kind of undertaking. I can't wait to hear the amazing stories that my son will come home with! Thank you, Ira for a future fantastic and novel experience.

Sincerely, Paris (Parent) Jericho, Long Island, NY



We have chosen Marriott to be our primary hotel provider.  In selecting hotels, we made sure that they are in close proximity to  desired destinations with first rate facilities.  All of our hotels have indoor room entrances, an indoor/outdoor pool, fitness room and game room.  Every traveler will sleep in their own bed and all of our rooms are near each other.  We stay in Marriott (Spinghill Suites, Marriott, and Fairfield Inn & Suites), Embassy Suites, Hilton.  Our hotels are ideal for our teens as they have have 2 queen beds in one room with a TV, and a pull out bed in the other part of the room with an additional TV. The rooms must be clean, roomy, and the lobby/facilities must be able to accommodate our entire tour.
Some of our featured hotels are:

Marriott - Springhill Suites

Springhill Suites Link
This is Marriott's newest hotel line. What a great suite! The room is divided to add more space and comfort for all. There is also an indoor pool to enjoy. Many of these hotels have 2 TV's in the rooms which allows the travelers the most flexibility.

Sample Springhill Suite Room