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What they are saying

As an aside, my son has participated in 2 ultra expensive summer programs, one a residence program at an Ivy League university, and frankly, only Ira's tour required an 18 page info packet to be filled out before the camp, and only Ira's tour had unprecedented, excellent supervision and security. This is a super-safe environment for young roller-coaster enthusiasts. Get packing!

Cell Phones

We understand that many teenagers today rely on their cell phones, for communicating with their friends and family. We feel that while on the teen tour, they should be communicating with fellow campers and counselors, without using their phone (including texting).
Although that is what we prefer, we understand the reality of the teens needs. We have created a cell phone policy that we feel meets in the 'middle', while allowing campers to bring their phones, but encourage them to only use them for emergency purposes, or just to call home...

Not sure about having your teen bring a phone, we have an answer for a 'phone free' teen: 
The counselors and directors will have cell phones so that parents to reach them at any time during the tour.

We also give all campers t-shirts with our 888 number on it, this way if they ever need someone in an emergency they can go to an old fashioned pay phone and call our 888 number. This will go directly to the owner of the company immediately.

What about you contacting the tour...

Our kids were so busy on the tour, they frequently forgot to call home! Of course you can always reach the owner at all times, 888 542 4842.

What is the policy

Our complete policy will be given to all registered campers with their welcome packet. It includes certain times when the phones can not be used.

We recommend that the campers do NOT bring their cell phones, primarily because the phones do get lost and/or broken.

If you feel the camper must have a cell phone, we recommend taking out the traveler's insurance policy which covers up to $500 of lost items (which could include a cell phone).

The Com­pany has made a trip can­cel­la­tion insur­ance pol­icy avail­able to pur­chase sep­a­rately. 
Click here to email us if you are inter­ested in infor­ma­tion about the pol­icy or to Click here to enroll now