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What they are saying

"Dear Ira, ThrillCoasters is a type of camp that I would have dreamed of going to as a child. My son was ecstatic when I discovered it existed. To top it off was having my entire family meet Ira and his lovely wife. By the end of almost three hours, we felt like we knew them all our lives and what was more important, my husband and I have no problem in leaving our child in their care. For us, this is monumental because we are very cautious who we give our children to even on a temporary basis. I am sure this will be the first of many wonderful years for you and my family to come and I know people will be clamoring at your doorstep to be included as participants in the future years of ThrillCoaster Tours and the main improvements on an almost perfect concept that I am sure will happen. However, I am unsure of at this point how one can improve upon apparent perfection in attention to every exquisite detail and planning required for this kind of undertaking. I can't wait to hear the amazing stories that my son will come home with! Thank you, Ira for a future fantastic and novel experience.

Sincerely, Paris (Parent) Jericho, Long Island, NY


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Tour Name Current Rate
Get to the Point Tour (7/4 - 7/8) $1,295
California Coasters Tour (8/4 - 8/13)*
Plus Airfare




You may register immediately to guarantee your spot on the tour. Just select what tour(s) you would like to attend, and you can pay via credit card the deposit amount.  We will invoice you for the balance.  Please call us at 888 542 4842 if you have any questions.

Please note, we recommend that all parents/campers contact us at: (888) 542-4842 to make sure that our tour is right for your camper.  All of our trips will require a significant amount of walking through the amusement parks with late nights and early mornings.  

In addition, we do not purchase 'fast passes' to 'beat the line' and do not encourage 'playing games (plinko) to get to the front of the line'.  Waiting on the lines for the rides is part of our experience we play cards, talk, and have fun getting to know each other.  

Since we know the parks so well, our counselors tend to know the 'right way through' the park, to have as few lines as possible and to achieve our goal to make it on as many rides as possible.  

If a camper does not want to ride, we ask them to wait on line with the group, then just 'skip the ride'.  We will never force a camper to ride any ride that they do not want to go on.

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