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My parents have always tried to find a camp just right for me, a camp where people don't judge other kids. My mom looked in the paper one day and found an article about ThrillCoaster Tours for Teens. My parents know that I love roller coasters, but I rarely get a chance to ride them. My parents wanted me to have a good time, but they were nervous because I never went to a sleep away camp before. I went for 3 weeks for the summer of 2005 and it was the most fun I think I ever had. For the summer of 2006 I am signed up for 5 weeks. I can't wait to see all my friends.

Photo Gallery

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We have teamed up with ShutterFly to supply our campers and our campers family with photos during the entire summer. Each evening we upload photos to Shutterfly, and our families can log on to view photos of their children. Our parents loved this feature, as they could see their children's smiling faces each day.  We request that you only post photos on 'social sites' with the permission of all children in those photos.  Please do not 'tag' anyone in any of your pictures, unless you have each person's approval.  We can not be responsible for use of these pictures, but we only allow approved users to visit this site.

Remember we provide a flashdrive with videos and photos at the end of the trip.

Your email address must be registered in order to view these photos, if your address is not currently registered, please contact us (888) 542 4842, and we will set it up for you. Please note only Campers, Approved Family Members & Alumni are able to view these photos.

Check out some of our photos from past years...can you find any campers you remember?