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What they are saying

"Dear Ira, ThrillCoasters is a type of camp that I would have dreamed of going to as a child. My son was ecstatic when I discovered it existed. To top it off was having my entire family meet Ira and his lovely wife. By the end of almost three hours, we felt like we knew them all our lives and what was more important, my husband and I have no problem in leaving our child in their care. For us, this is monumental because we are very cautious who we give our children to even on a temporary basis. I am sure this will be the first of many wonderful years for you and my family to come and I know people will be clamoring at your doorstep to be included as participants in the future years of ThrillCoaster Tours and the main improvements on an almost perfect concept that I am sure will happen. However, I am unsure of at this point how one can improve upon apparent perfection in attention to every exquisite detail and planning required for this kind of undertaking. I can't wait to hear the amazing stories that my son will come home with! Thank you, Ira for a future fantastic and novel experience.

Sincerely, Paris (Parent) Jericho, Long Island, NY


Our Staff

ThrillCoaster Tours prides itself in having a fun in a totally safe environment.


To accomplish this we require the staff to go through many tests, and subject to age requirements. All of our directors and counselors must be at least 21 years of age.. All staff will be drug tested and a thorough criminal background check will be performed. All of our staff have prior experience with this age group. They have extensive camp/travel experience which will aid us in a great summer.


Most importantly, in order to send the correct message to the teens traveling with us, we enforce a strict zero tolerance policy towards all of the staff. There will be no smoking and no drinking during the entire trip. Breaking of these rules will result in immediate termination.


Our Camp Director is responsible for the day to day operations of each trip. This person is empowered to make any decisions needed for the entire group. Our director makes sure that the counselors are all doing their jobs appropriately. This person is also responsible for the campers overall satisfaction of the trip. At each amusement park, the director has the opportunity to walk around with a group of campers help get to know everyone. The Director is in charge of all medications for all of the campers.


Our Camp Counselors are closest to the travelers. They are with the campers in small groups of up to 8 per group, and the counselors are in touch with the directors by cell phone at all times.

Junior Counselors
Our Junior/Assistant Counselors will assist the counselors and walk around with groups of travelers through the park. Many college students that are training to be teachers will be working with us.