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What they are saying

In addition to Ira, the tour counselors were excellent. We also feel that Ira's wife, Laura is instrumental to making Thrill Coaster Tours a fantastic, memorable program for the kids. Bottom line, this camp company offers a secure way for kids to enjoy aggressive thrill rides without the parents spending hours getting heatstroke while "benchwarming" and waiting for their kids to come off the rides. It's an awesome win-win!

Live From The Road

 Thanks to a little magic called internet tethering, I am pleased to be able to bring everyone an update live on our drive to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The tour started off great with a stop in Baltimore's Inner Harbor before the long drive down to Charlotte, Sunday night. To make it even better, we were treated to a great day at an empty Carowinds all day yesterday. Easily completing all of the park's 13 coasters and flat rides, many campers racked up double digit re-rides just before park closing....

Today we find ourselves on the road to Tennessee, where we will enjoy Dixie Stampede, Dolly Parton's own dinner show, tonight, and Dollywood, her theme park, tomorrow. Both attractions promise to be a hit, and many campers are anxious to take Thunderhead and Mystery Mine, two of Dollywood's world class coasters, for a ride. Stay tuned for more updates coming from the tour.