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The first day of each tour is a great opportunity. For some, it's a chance to look forward to upcoming coasters but for everyone it's an opportunity to meet new friends and reunite with old ones. My first day of my first trip in 2006 was different though. We were driving down to Florida. I knew some people already because my brother, cousin, and my brother's friend were all on the trip, but they were all older than me. In fact, I was the youngest camper on tour and there was only one camper that was entering the same grade as me. I had met some people at orientation and my brother and cousin knew people from 2005to introduce me to. Still, I wanted to make friends of my own, meet new people. I will never forget the first time I made my first real friend at TCT. I was sitting by myself making sure that I was close to those I already knew, it's funny how insecure you can feel around so many new people. All of a sudden a girl whom I had never met before who had ! gone on the first week sat in the seat next to me. "Are you new here," she asked with a soft smile that made me forget how lonely I felt. "Yes," I was surprised I could make out that much. "Don't worry, you're going to make amazing friends, ThrillCoaster is an amazing experience." She didn't lie, that first friend I made gave me confidence to go and make new friends. I met so many people that would change my life forever. ThrillCoaster Tours is a wonderful way to make new friends. While bonding about your love for coasters, you meet tons of people and Ira makes sure that no one is left out. I have made countless friends at this camp that I hope will last for a lifetime. I will never forget my first TCT friend. -- Camper 2006, 2007


This is an exciting day for ThrillCoaster Tours...

Welcome to the brand-new ThrillCoaster Tours Camper's Blog! It's here where you will experience everything in the exciting world of ThrillCoaster Tours. We will be featuring news, updates, stories, pictures and maybe even a few videos from amusement parks all across the country. This blog will be a great way to experience ThrillCoaster Tours year round, even if you've never attended a tour.

Personally, I am a three-year veteran of ThrillCoaster Tours, traveling everywhere with the tour..... from California and Cedar Point, to Florida, and even Canada. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the ThrillCoaster experience to everyone...parents, campers, former campers, new campers, ANYONE that wants to have a blast and learn a little bit about roller coasters is welcome.