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What they are saying

What was your best meal...I thought the best meal was Wednesday night when we ate dinner at that Damons steakhouse(I think its called that!). The food was pretty good and the waiters were customer friendly. -- Camper 2007


Day 6 - 8/9/08

Surprise Day!

We woke up this morning well-rested and ready to go to the surprise park, Michigan's Adventure. When the park gates opened, we ran to the first ride, a big wooden coaster called Shivering Timbers. We were surprised that we were the only ones running to the ride. I guess they live a very chill life in Michigan! After that, we went on another wooden ride called Wildcat Wolverine, which we thought was a weird name because those are TWO DIFFERENT CREATURES! Then we went on a steel coaster called Corkscrew, which had a very smooth ride. Then we walked to Thunderhawk, which was also very smooth. We then ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet! Yay, unlimited Mountain Dew! Then we did a few more coastery things, and then napped on a grassy patch until it was time to leave. We drove (and had a dance party on the bus) to Chicago, and had time to hang out in our hotel- by swimming at the pool, sleeping in rooms, playing frisbee outside, working out (YEAH RIGHT) in the gym, or doing laundy in the laundry room.